Marty Dee Donovan

Funky Photobooths strive to bring you a quality of service which is great for you as our client and which totally relects our brand.  Therefore when it comes to endorsing a DJ to host the most important day of your life there can only be one DJ!

We are proud to be able to bring you DJ Marty Dee Donovan as your party host and have 100% confidence in his performance and his professionalism.


Marty grew up in South London and lived in Brixton, this is where his love for Soul, Blues, Jazz Funk and reggae came from.  He picked his first microphone up at the ages of 13 and has held it tightly right up to now.


In the 80’s to mid 90’s Marty ran the Marty Dee Disco Roadshow, specialising in weddings and has over around 300 weddings under his belt. As well as 21st’s and 40th’s etc he has maintain the same amount of discipline for over the last three decades. In 1991 Marty won the Time out Magazine Mobile DJ of the year for the first time, and then for the next two years after.

Marty also dabbled in Pirate radio back in the 80’s and found himself up infront of a judge after getting caught. The judge was very understanding instead of fining Marty, he gave him community service which was to be carried out for Radio Beckett, St Thomas’ hospitals radio station.  Marty used his time at Radio Becket to network up the DJ Ladder and landed himself in London’s Capital Radio when it was situated at Euston Towers. After a while at Capital Marty then concentrated on the nightclub business, getting his own Club in 2002 and selling on in 2005 when health issues made it difficult to continue.  After a year recovering Marty started back at his love for mobile DJ work.

In 2012 Marty pitched an idea to Bourne Leisure, who owns the Haven Holiday chain. The idea was for an on park radio station.  This saw Marty at Allhallows Leisure Park where he built, maintained and ran his station all independantly and at no cost to haven.  The contract was only for one season.

Marty found himeslf living on park and DJ’ing the local owners pub area.

5 years later marty decided not to renew his contract with Bourne Leisure to concentrate on new ventures.  In the 5 years he was at Allhallows he acted with his normal, professional self and helped increase the Haven brand.  It was very hard for Marty to leave Allhallows but he still goes back once a month to DJ for the owners there.

This leads Marty to right now…  Marty is a presenter on Venture Radio every Monday night at 10pm ( and fills in slots for BRFM which is on the 95.6fm frequency.

Choosing Marty for your event not only ensures a DJ who knows about his music and knows how to deal with small crowds or large crowds, but it ensures that he is as dedicated as dedicated can be to give you the best Disco experience!

To find out more about Marty feel free to google him, his twitter account has over a hundred thousand followers and his facebook is maxed out – this is all through his DJ work, I could go as far to say, a hundred thousand people can’t be wrong!

Thank you for reading this bio 🙂